Your thermostat regulates how your HVAC system works. How? When you set your preferred room temperature, the thermostat helps ensure that your heating system offers the amount of warmth that you need. After the indoor temperature reaches the preferred temperature, the thermostat switches off your heating system. In short, this device tries to reduce the difference between the desired indoor temperature and the actual indoor temperature.

You should carefully choose where you will place your thermostat since the incorrect placement of this device can make it not work efficiently. For instance, if you place it near an exterior window, its readings will not be reflective of the indoor temperature. Rather, they will be reflective of the outdoor temperature. Therefore, the device will not properly control your heating or air conditioning system. Below are other places where you should not place your thermostat.

1. Near Your HVAC System’s Air Vents

If you place your thermostat near your HVAC system’s air vents, cold air coming out of your AC through these vents will blow on the thermostat. That will make it register lower temperatures than the actual indoor temperatures. Your HVAC system will constantly switch on and off due to this. Frequent short cycling can cause damage and creates an uncomfortable home environment.

2. Near a Heating Appliance or in Direct Sunlight

You should never place your thermostat in direct sunlight. For instance, you should not place it near a window or door through which sun rays pass. You should also not place it near your kitchen. If you place it in any of these locations, it will register higher temperatures than the actual room temperature. That will signal the AC to stay on all the time, resulting in high energy bills.

3. Near Doors and Windows

You should not place your thermostat near windows and doors since they may let in drafts. When you place it there, it will measure the temperature of the air getting in through these windows. That will, in turn, make your HVAC system switch on and off every time the window or door is opened.

4. On Exterior Walls

During winter, the temperatures of exterior walls are usually lower than indoor temperatures. During summer, the temperatures of these walls are usually higher than indoor temperatures. Therefore, if you place your thermostat on such walls, the thermostat will signal your air conditioner or heating system to run when it is not supposed to. That can lead to increased monthly energy bills.

5. In Hallways

Although many people prefer placing thermostats in hallways, you should never place yours in such an area. Why? Hallways are usually narrow and long and hence have decreased airflow. That means that the temperature in these places does not reflect the average indoor temperature. If you place your thermostat in such an area, your HVAC system will only make this space comfortable and not the rest of your home.

6. Near Your TV sets and Lamps

Lamps and TV sets usually give out heat. Therefore, placing your thermostat near them will register temperatures that are a bit higher than the actual indoor temperature. Your AC system will constantly run as a result of this.

7. Near Your Plumbing System Ducts

You should never place your thermostat on a wall through which plumbing system ducts are passing. Hot or cold water running through these ducts will heat or cool these walls. That, in turn, can make your thermostat register the wrong temperatures.

Where Should You Place Your Thermostat

You should place your thermostat in a centralized location. For instance, you should place it in the center of the room where you spend most of your time. The temperature of such a place will reflect the temperature of your entire home. Therefore, the thermostat will signal your HVAC system to offer you the comfort you need. You should, however, ensure that you do not place the thermostat more than 60 inches above the ground. Dr. HVAC Inc can help you install this device. We are located in Margate, and we serve the people living in this city and the surrounding areas.

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