Your AC unit’s motor is responsible for circulating coolant through the unit. If the motor is not working, the air conditioner in your home will not be able to cool your indoor environment properly. Additionally, if you notice that your motor is making strange noises, it may be time to replace it. You can rely on the professional services of a heating and cooling company like Dr. HVAC Inc, who will send over an AC technician to inspect your unit. If they determine that the AC unit’s motor needs to be replaced, here are the steps that they will take.

Step 1: Turn Off the AC Unit and Disconnect It From the Power Source

First, your AC technician will turn off your AC unit and disconnect it from the power source. They will remove the access panel to reach the motor. However, if your unit is still under warranty, they may advise you to contact the manufacturer to have it repaired for free.

Step 2: Open Your AC Unit and Locate the Motor

Once the AC unit has been opened, the technician will check if there is debris around the motor. They will use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to remove any large debris particles such as dirt or dust. In addition, if there is corrosion, they may use a wire brush to remove it.

Next, the AC technician will check the fan blades to see if they are damaged. They must be replaced if the blades are bent, cracked, or broken. In addition, if the fan blades are not securely attached to the motor, they need to be reattached. If the fan has oil ports, these need to be lubricated using a few drops of lubricating oil, such as WD-40.

Step 3: Test Whether Your Unit’s Motor Is the Problem

Using a multimeter, the AC technician will test whether your unit’s motor is the issue. They will test the motor’s windings for continuity to determine if there is a continuous electric flow by touching one lead of the multimeter to each terminal on the engine. If the reading is zero, this means that there is no continuity, and the motor needs to be replaced.

Step 4: Remove the Old Motor

If the AC technician determines that the motor needs to be replaced, they will begin the removal process. They will reattach the access panel and remove the fan belt from the motor pulley. After that, the technician will need to remove the power wires and the mounting bolts that hold the motor in place.

If your unit has a capacitor, the AC technician must remove it before removing the motor. The capacitor is located near the engine. To remove it, they will disconnect the wires and unscrew the mounting bolts. Furthermore, if your unit has a relay, it must be terminated.

Step 5: Install the New Motor

To install the new motor, the AC technician will reverse the steps taken to remove the old motor. First, they will mount the new motor and then reconnect the power wires. Next, the fan blades and fan belt will be reattached. Finally, they will screw the access panel back on.

After the technician replaces your AC unit’s motor, they will test your AC unit to ensure it is working correctly. Once they have confirmed it is functioning as it should, they will clean up debris and pack up their tools. Your AC unit should now be up and running, cooling your home in no time.

Hire Professional HVAC Services

Replacing an AC unit’s motor is a relatively simple process that a trained AC technician can complete within a few hours. You don’t have to worry if your AC unit’s motor breaks down, as it can be easily fixed. If you have a faulty motor, contact a professional HVAC repair services company as soon as possible to fix or replace the AC unit’s motor.

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