AC maintenance in Coconut Creek, FL, should be top-most in homeowners’ minds whenever spring rolls around. We recommend all homeowners, whether they own a ducted AC or mini-split, to request an AC-tune up each year before the cooling season begins in earnest. The benefits are many, and we’ll outline a few of them right now.

Do you want your air conditioner to cool your home with a minimum of energy waste and wear and tear? Maintenance will ensure this. Throughout the year, an AC unit develops minor issues that aren’t noticeable at first but are nonetheless hindering its activity, such as dirt and dust buildup and a wearing down of wires. With a tune-up, these issues are nipped in the bud, saving you money on your monthly bill and extending your equipment’s lifespan. A well-maintained AC unit is also crucial to having clean indoor air. The last thing we want to mention is that most warranties require that you get yearly maintenance or else they become void.