HVAC systems regulate the temperature and air quality inside your home. They work tirelessly to keep living spaces comfortable and provide proper ventilation to remove excess humidity, pollutants, and other airborne contaminants. Here are a few things you need to know to keep your HVAC system performing at its peak.

Why Regular HVAC Maintenance Is Essential

Regular HVAC maintenance ensures all aspects of your unit are functioning properly, including the indoor central system, outdoor elements, and ductwork. Failing to schedule regular maintenance could result in costly repairs and even premature system replacement. Here are some other reasons why performing HVAC maintenance is important.

  • Significant money savings
  • Improved air quality
  • Greater comfort and temperature regulation
  • Safer home environment
  • More peace of mind with an efficient system

Essential HVAC Care Steps

What if it were possible to extend the life of your system by up to 10 years? Would you take the steps required to improve system function and optimize your investment? Follow these recommended care steps and look forward to a long and prosperous relationship with your HVAC system.

Inspect and Replace Air Filters

HVAC filters are crucial in maintaining the air quality inside your home. They trap dirt, dust, pollutants, and chemicals within their fibrous network and prevent them from circulating. Saturated filters stop attracting debris, and this excess debris will cycle through your home, compromise air quality, and potentially cause a host of health problems.

Dirty filters also require your system to work harder than usual. As a result, you’ll see an increase in energy consumption, higher utility bills, and even additional repair costs for a system that is overtaxed and underserviced. Changing and cleaning air filters regularly is a simple step that can save time and money as you maintain your system.

Clean Ductwork Regularly

Your ductwork is the superhighway by which heated and cooled air flows through your home. When this network becomes dirty or obstructed, it is difficult to regulate temperatures in your living space. Debris that builds up inside your ducts will make its way to rooms in your home and compromise different parts of your unit, causing it to work harder through the sludge. Inspecting ductwork can help identify leaks, holes, and other issues that may negatively impact your HVAC system and allow you to address them before they cause significant damage to your home.

Inspect and Test the Thermostat

Your thermostat sends commands to your central unit to regulate temperatures in your living spaces. If it is not working correctly, it leads to a number of issues, such as:

  • Inaccurate temperature readings
  • Inefficient heating and cooling
  • Uncomfortable living conditions
  • HVAC system damage due to the unit being called upon excessively or not at all

Know the Signs and Sounds of HVAC System Failure

Part of HVAC maintenance is listening to and watching your system for signs of trouble. Not all issues will result in emergency calls, but you shouldn’t wait until the pilot light goes out to call for help. Pay attention to room temperatures, and listen to your unit as it powers on and off. If you notice rattling or banging noises, inconsistent temperatures, minimal air flow, or high electric bills, it’s time to call a professional technician for a thorough evaluation and tune-up.

Schedule Professional Tune-Ups Regularly

During an HVAC tune-up, a skilled technician will take a deeper dive into your system to check for electrical and power supply issues as well as perform a thorough inspection and cleaning of each component of your unit. Tune-ups may include air handler cleaning, evaporator coil cleaning, and an evaluation of your refrigerant levels. Enroll in a professional HVAC maintenance plan and look forward to optimized function, lower energy costs, and more consistent output from your unit.

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