If your AC unit has frozen up, don’t panic! There are a variety of things you can do to try to get it running again. Here’s a list of a few troubleshooting steps that you can take.

1. Thaw It Out

Before fixing an AC that has frozen up, start by turning it off. This will prevent the freezing from doing more damage. To thaw out your AC unit, let the blower run. Usually, after a few hours or overnight, you’ll notice a difference and that the ice has melted. The blower will be able to circulate warm air to the frozen coils, causing them to melt.

2. Check Motor and Blower

Inspect the motor and check the blower’s efficiency to determine if it caused the freezing. An inefficient blower will not maintain sufficient airflow in the system, causing the coils to freeze. The evaporator chamber needs enough warm air on the coils. Otherwise, the cold refrigerant will cause rapid condensation. If the blower is in good condition, turn it on. If it’s damaged, it will need to be replaced.

3. Dry and Clean the Coils

Dirty coils can be why your unit freezes. After thawing out the coils, check to see if the evaporator coils are dirty. Dry them off, and then, clean them. The evaporator coils contain the refrigerant that absorbs heat from indoor air. When dirty, they cannot function properly, causing them to freeze. This is because the refrigerant cools too much.

4. Clean or Replace the Air Filter

Dirty filters will cause your AC to freeze as well. Make sure that the filters are cleaned or replaced regularly. Clogged air filters will restrict airflow through the system. Reduced airflow can cause the system to freeze. Dirty filters can be fixed by cleaning them or replacing them with new ones.

Dirty filters also reduce indoor air quality and can pose a danger to your health. Indoor air pollution can lead to respiratory diseases such as asthma. If you have pets in the house, you may need to clean or replace the filters more often. Pet dander will clog up the filter faster than anything.

5. Check and Open All Dampers

The dampers are the devices that guide airflow within the system through different stages. They control the direction and speed of airflow. Most dampers will direct air to the system. If these are not functioning correctly, they will cause your unit to freeze.

Check all dampers and ensure that they are all open and fully functional. If one is closed or malfunctioning, you can usually fix it without replacing it by simply cleaning it or adjusting its position.

6. Clean the Ducts and Remove Obstructions From the Vents

Make it a point to clean the air ducts. Clogged air ducts will restrict airflow and can cause your AC to freeze. Cleaning will increase the airflow within the system, reducing the chances of your AC unit freezing. Ensure that all vents are unblocked so that there is a free-flowing movement of air. You don’t want a blockage to cause your unit to freeze up again!

7. Inspect and Clean the Condensate Line and Drain

After performing the above steps, you can inspect and clean the condensate line and drain. Clean any accumulated debris from the drain, and ensure it is clear of any obstructions. Also, check if the condensate line is clogged. If it is, clean it out, and ensure it is working correctly.

To check if it is clogged, follow the drain to the outlet. This is where the melted ice will come out. If nothing is coming out, it could mean the line is blocked.

8. Contact a Certified Professional to Fix a Leak

Low refrigerant levels cause the system to freeze. Leaks will lead to low refrigerant levels. The pressure in the coils drops because of low levels. This then allows moisture to accumulate and freeze.

If there is a leak, it is not safe to repair it yourself as this can be dangerous. In addition to knowing safety measures, a professional is familiar with the parts and equipment required to repair your system. A qualified technician will have the tools to quickly find and fix the leak.

If you experience your AC unit freezing up, you can take various steps to get it running again. Just remember to seek out expert help if the problem persists. Dr. HVAC Inc in Margate, FL is here to help repair and maintain your system. We offer a full line of cooling and heating services. Contact us today for more information.

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