The temperatures in Margate, FL can get pretty hot in the middle of the summer. This is the time of year when you turn to your air conditioning system to help keep you cool. There are some tips that we would like to share with you that can help you make the most of your cooling system so you are comfortable no matter what the weather is like outside.

1. Utilize Routine Maintenance

Scheduling routine maintenance ensures that your HVAC system and air conditioning equipment are ready to perform all summer. A professional will look at a number of interior components to check for minor repairs that could turn into catastrophic issues if ignored. Your filter will be changed, damage to your ductwork can be repaired, and refrigerant levels in your air conditioning unit will be topped off to promote cool and comfortable indoor air.

2. Consider Investing in New Equipment

It might be time to invest in a new air conditioner if you have had the same unit for many years. The newer models that are being installed in homes today are very efficient. They can save you money while also conditioning your indoor air more effectively. Your older equipment might be causing hot spots in your house, and a newer model can create more consistent and cool air.

3. Don’t Forget to Change Your Filter

The filter that is part of your HVAC system traps particles that would otherwise circulate in your indoor air. Filters also protect your equipment so that inner components do not experience premature malfunction or failure, which would impact your ability to cool your home. Filters should be changed once every 30 to 90 days, depending on the type of filter that you are using. You should inspect your filter periodically to make sure that it is not heavily coated with particulates before it is regularly scheduled for a change.

4. Keep Your Vents Open

People often close off some of the vents in their Florida home in hopes of diverting cool air to the rooms that need it most. In reality, it is far more beneficial to keep all of your vents open to promote air circulation. This is also a way to protect your air conditioner. When you close too many vents, this places additional strain on your HVAC system, which can lead to repairs or even a total system failure.

5. Check Your Outdoor Unit

Every so often, head outside to check your air conditioning compressor and condenser for any signs of damage that should be repaired promptly. You should also keep this area clear of any grass or debris that could prevent proper airflow through the unit. Check down inside the unit to make sure there is not anything impeding the movement of the fan blade.

6. Utilize Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans can help circulate the cool air that your air conditioning system is producing. Have the fans running during the hottest parts of the day. You may even be able to turn up your thermostat a degree or two thanks to your ceiling fans, which will save you money on your monthly energy bills. Just make sure that your ceiling fans are programmed to turn counterclockwise. This will push the cool air down into your living spaces.

7. Keep Your Windows and Doors Closed

It is important to open up your windows and doors now and again to bring in some fresh air, but the best time to do this would be first thing in the morning or late in the evening when temperatures outside are not extremely hot. During the heat of the day, keep your windows and doors closed to prevent cool, conditioned air from escaping.

If you would like to find out more about the ways that you can keep cool all summer long, rely on the team at Dr. HVAC Inc. In addition to air conditioning installation, repair, and maintenance, we also take care of furnace repairs and installation of new units. We can even help you improve your indoor air quality, and you can rely on us for emergency repairs, too. If you are located in Margate, FL or a surrounding area, give us a call today.

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